English Shepherds

English Shepherds are one of the oldest farm dogs in America. Their high intelligence and versatility made them a farmer’s “best kept secret”, until about the 1950s when they started to fall from favor to more specialized herding breeds and show dogs. It is to their advantage that the breed hasn’t been spoiled by popularity, as they continue to be an ideal dog for the small farmer or rancher. While they are highly biddable dogs with an excellent ability to rate their stock, they are also skilled vermin eradicators, live stock guardians, watch dogs and above all, the most loyal companions. English Shepherds make excellent all-around farm dogs and are wonderful with children. They are the perfect dog for our farm and we are committed to preserving their working traits through our breeding program.

In October 2017, we bred our first English Shepherd, Killarney Meadow’s Summer Pippin, “Pip” to Blacksheep’s Oban of Cairncrest Farm. On December 21, 2017 Pip gave birth to nine gorgeous, healthy puppies who are all absolutely thriving today.

Pip is a highly intelligent, skilled herding dog who is very self directed on the farm. She loves order and will ensure that everything–chickens, sheep, children, etc. is in the proper place. She is adept at guarding gates, will announce visitors but is quick to accept them and is a loyal companion to our four children.

Oban is his owner’s “right hand dog”. He is one of the most biddable dogs we’ve ever worked. He is fearless and self-assured with a strong working drive and can be trusted with all types of livestock and farm animals. He’s a happy, loving boy and a great family dog.

Both Pip and Oban come from strong working lines. They are both MDR1 negative and clear on all genetic testing done by Embark. Good hips and elbows by lineage. We selected them for their high intelligence, robust working drives, athleticism and eagerness to please (their stunning good looks are just a bonus). We are expecting clear sable and tri color dogs, both with full and bob tails.

Pip and Oban were bred in January, 2020. We are expecting a litter in March, with puppies ready to go to their new homes in late May.

If you are interested in a puppy, please fill out an application below and we will be in touch. Puppies cost $600 with a 50% deposit due upfront to reserve your pup. Farm/working homes are given preference but will consider companion homes with the right conditions.

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