The Farm

“The industrialization of agriculture is stopping up the source of decency in the world” – Nicholas Gomez Davila

The Peter A. Hilton House, affectionately dubbed #brickhousehomestead by it’s current caretakers, is a historic home and farm located on 24 acres in Sharon Springs, New York.

Our family bought the house in February 2014 and began planting an America Heirloom and English bittersweet cider orchard and reestablishing the property as a farm. Today a small flock of Katadhin x Shropshire sheep graze in the orchard containing a thousand young bittersweet cider trees.

We raise and breed English Shepherd dogs, who herd our sheep and keep deer and rodents away from young trees. We import no fertilizer and use no chemical pest control or herbicides. Pasture, trees & hedge provide food and firewood.

We invite you to visit and take part in the transformative growth occurring here at Brickhouse Homestead.